Legislation & Regulation

DCBA has extensive experience providing federal and state legislative and regulatory services to commercial and not-for-profit clients.

Whether helping a client prime, preserve, or expand its market, or advance its public-interest mission, our goal is to provide results-driven research, analysis, and strategy.

Our legislative and regulatory portfolio covers health, justice, educational, and economic issues.

  • Convening of stakeholders and consensus building
  • Drafting of legislation and amendments
  • Engagement with government officials to enforce consumer protection and other laws
  • Formulation of multi-sector policy strategies
  • Lobbying disclosure requirements counsel and training
  • Media relations
  • Preparation of citizen petitions, requests for rulemaking, and amicus briefs
  • Preparation of comments for legislative and rulemaking proceedings
  • Presentations at hearings, briefings, panel discussions, and conferences
  • Professional education
  • Public awareness
  • Research, analysis, and monitoring of bills and proposed rules
  • Scholarly article, white paper, and fact-sheet writing
  • Stakeholder outreach, strategic alliances, and advocacy
  • Strategy assessment and development