Attorney Behind Push For Florida Warm Handoff Law

DCBA Managing Partner Michael C. Barnes recently sat down with NOPE Task Force for a brief interview. NOPE Task Force is a non-profit founded in 2004 to address the overdose crisis and prevent drug abuse. The organization is particularly known for the quality of its presentations to young people and advocacy work. Barnes has maintained a close relationship with NOPE Task Force and Founder Karen Perry in his work on advocating for warm handoff laws, which encourage or require emergency departments to transition patients with substance use disorders to treatment once they are stable.

In the interview, Barnes highlighted his work with NOPE Task Force to pass Florida’s 2017 warm handoff law, as well as a journal article on the topic he published with DCBA Associate Attorney Daniel L. McClughen earlier this year. The article covers liability laws, prescription drug monitoring programs, privacy, and other legal issues relevant to emergency department notifications and discharges. Barnes also spoke about some of his ideas on how to address the drug abuse and overdose epidemic. Read the full interview here.