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First Week Impressions of the Michael Jackson Homicide Trial

Sep 30, 2011 | gabylinares | Michael Jackson homicide trial | No Comments

It is 4:46 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 30, day four of the trial of Conrad Murray for the death of Michael Jackson. Happy hour starts in 13 min., and after this week, I refuse to miss a minute of it. So, here are my impressions since Tuesday, abbreviated.

  • The defense team is aggressive, fast-talking, and at times appears disorganized. And its poster board during opening statements misspelled the male name that was the most common in the U.S. for a generation. It is Michael, not Micheal.

  • The defense will likely claim that MJ’s physical symptoms resulted from withdrawal from an opioid pain reliever, Demerol. Considering that Conrad Murray put MJ into a coma most nights (which is not the same as sleep), could his symptoms have been from sleep deprivation?
  • Is the defense really going to claim that MJ was withdrawing from Demerol for two months straight?
  • And defense attorneys want jurors to believe their physician client could not tell the difference between a man in a coma, and a man pretending to be in a coma? A board-certified anesthesiologist following the proper medical standard of care certainly could.
  • Why would a physician “weaning” his client from propofol be stockpiling the substance, ordering greater quantities on each occasion?
  • Conrad Murray’s taking time to clean up his mess before calling 911 demonstrates that he knew his activities were inherently dangerous, the probable result of which was overdose.

Much more still to add….

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